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If you have chosen Vaughan to call Home, then you have made an excellent choice.Vaughan is the pride of York Region , It is not just the city above Toronto, it is also the centre of the GTA. Buyers who work anywhere in the GTA can easily commute to their Vaughan Homes. Vaughan is comprised of small communities like Woodbridge, Maple,Concord area, each offering a different selection of homes.


Vaughan also offers one of the best schools in the York region, parents move to Woodbridge for the Emily Carr Secondary School  as it is one of the best schools. The community in Vaughan is also very vibrant and comes from different backgrounds like Italians,Spanish, Indian and Vietnamese. Vaughan Mills Mall provide the best shopping experience with the top of the line stores and for excitement the Wonderland amusement park in right in the middle.


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                                                         Vaughan, Oh Canada here we come,

                                       The story of Dorothy.M who bought a home in Vaughan

So it is I’m not apprehensive anymore. Canada here we come! There is love for the few places we’ve lived in the States and I wanted to keep that style of living and capture it in the Toronto area. Even if I couldn’t take in all the beauty and culture, I feel I must be surrounded by it, just in case I had the urge to expand my moment to moment of joyful living.

We are in our early 60’s and instead of moving South to the Carolinas we have the opportunity to move north and be a part of a mini operation start-up for my husband’s employer of 36 years. It’s not a giant move in distance since we are in New York State now. Our choice of where to live was a big one. I had very little awareness about Canada, let alone a specific community just outside of Toronto. This was going to be our new home where we would capture precious senior memories of our untold number of future years lived.

I’m a firm believer of attraction. Whatever you think about the most you tend to draw to yourself kind of attraction. It’s worked wonders for me since practicing that type of thinking for over a decade now. In the past eight months we knew about the move, in the past three months we knew the name of the community we have chosen and next month we are going to be residents of Vaughan, Ontario Canada. October of 2012 will be a milestone within our trails of living life together as husband and wife for 40 years.

Information runs rampant on the Internet and tapping into it on just about any subject you can think of is almost too magical these days. I started my evening inquires on my curiosity kills the laptop. Questions I asked were “Why move to Canada?” “Communities of Toronto”, “Why Move to Vaughan?” etc. I learned a lot within an evening and it may not be too far fetched to say I may know more after a month of evening’s like that about Vaughan than current residents do.

A virtual living experience before a reality experience, they say the brain doesn’t know the difference. When you think about it, it is just as if you were living it for the stimulation. It’s like planning for a vacation. A major portion of your excitement is lived in the planning stages and then the remainder is in the actual journey. Community and house hunting was done that way for me (for us) and it was exciting. My husband’s only requirement was a short commute to when he needed to visit his small satellite office, oh and have some nice coffee café’s to frequent.

Demographics, population growth, industry attractions, parks, rivers, ease of commuting, nationality diversity, green spaces, spacious spaces, history of the how’s and who’s and wherefores was not what I was after necessarily, it was the living experiences in the here and now. The articles and stories of today in Vaughan did it in grand style for me. Once targeted, a local online realty service did their magic.

I found a wealth of information about Vaughan in true to life articles. Off the cuff comments and interviews with town’s people to dignitaries, even a song jingle created for radio years ago and the mayor’s comments about their strategies of media awareness for the promoting for their beloved town.

If I were to list the demographics  in this story, I would be watering them down to my level. Your desires will not be the exact same as mine but if you ‘want it all’ in a community around the Toronto area you may choose to use my excitement and researched knowledge to help you make a decision of putting this community on your radar maps of possibilities in your anticipated upcoming move research into the Toronto area.

In my research, though we have no children in school, I was very impressed with the pride and awards of education, and the selection of homes, condo’s, apartments were all well represented. We chose a quaint home in Woodbridge with some lovely history behind it. My husbands required amenities are well taken care of and for our senior hand holding strolls in the nearby park’s, let me just say it should be very stimulating for years to come.

Your local realtor choice (hint Tom Sachdeva ) will be invaluable to back up your research in knowing that whatever community you are researching, it is the right one for you. I already know that my husband and I are going to be extremely happy.

Not the end, just the beginning of a new adventure in living, Canada style, thanks to Vaughan Real Estate agent, Tom Sachdeva.

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